Chaos Lacrosse LA

Posted Jan 5, 2020

Hope everyone has had a great holiday season and is ready to cheer the Saints to victory tomorrow! I know this will be a lot of info so I will summarize quickly at the top and get into more detail below.

  1. We have to place our uniform order by the end of this week.  We will be sending a separate request for sizes but only to those already registered.  Please respond promptly or we will have to guess.  Cost of the uniform will be sent with the request for sizes.
  2. We are at the point of needing everyone registered.  We still hear of interested players, but without registrations or communications from parents, we cannot commit club funds to ordering uniforms for potential players.  The deadline for registering or contacting Coach Oos or me to discuss is this Friday, January 10th
  3. Going forward, we are moving away from these gmail emails and to using our Team Connect system for communication.  Only registered players and parents will receive those communications.  So, if your son is not registered, after this week you most likely will not receive any more communications about the team.  If he is registered, parents and players need to accept the invitation sent on ~ December 6th.  The instructions are included below.  I cannot stress enough that you will have to make sure the method of communication is included (email, text).  TeamConnect has the schedule, roster, etc.  The coaches will communicate to the families via that tool and to the captains via text/groupme.  We expect the players will mark their own attendance in the tool.  
  4. The full schedule has been loaded into Team Connect.
  5. We have scheduled a practice for Monday, January 6th 6-8pm at Playmakers outdoor field to "shake off the rust."  We know some cannot make it because of work or other conflicts.  That is not an issue.  This was also communicated via TeamConnect and via the captains to the players.  Regular practices begin 1/14 and our first games are 1/18.

Thanks everyone.  Looking forward to an exciting season.Coach Condon
Additional detail

  1. Uniform sizes --Please click on the this link to fill out your Uniform Size. We need this by 1/7/2020. 
  2.  Registration deadline -- Anyone wanting to register after that can do so, but will need to accept whatever uniforms are available, if any.  We do not want to be restrictive, but we have business to take care of for the season start.  
  3. Ongoing communications.  See below for instructions to log into Team Connect.
  4. Schedule --  Please review and play close attention to conflicts.  We have an overnight weekend in February.  We have quite a few weekday evening games.  It is critical that we know of any attendance issues, so please mark game attendance in the app.  Some players will be invited to play both JV and Varsity.  We are working on how to handle that in the system now.

Welcome to Team Connect!Thanks for joining your team on Team Connect! Here's a list of the top 5 cool things to do now that you're here:

1) Set up your roster profile. Just go to the Roster, click your name on the list, and then click "edit" at the top right corner. Now you can add your own photo and tell everyone on your team about yourself. If you are a parent, you can edit your child's profile too.

2) If you want to receive text messages on your phone from Team Connect, click on your name at the top right corner of the screen and choose My Settings, then click on Profile. Scroll down to the Contact Information area to add your phone number.

3) Start a conversation! Head to Announcements and then click "Add new announcement". Post a hello announcement to your team - they can respond back in the comments.

4) Check out your team's schedule. You can see all the dates and times, view a map of the game location, and lots more.

5) Got great photos of your team in action? Go to Photo Albums, where you can upload pics from your last game, practice, or team get-together. You can add photos to existing albums or create your own.

There's a lot more to explore in Team Connect, so we encourage you to click around and check it all out! Don't forget, if you need any help, just click on the Help menu at the top right corner of the screen to chat or email support.

Have fun!